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Here is an interview with Steve Ruley CEO of Growth Media and Jonathan Weber Esq. Weber Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas. 

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Remember that print does hit a demographic. Print will advertise or market to usually an older demorgraphic.

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Marketing and Advertising is forever changing especially with the introduction of Digital Advertising. It is important to view all channels of advertising whether it be TV, Print, Billboards, Social, or Digital. Advertising is important to let businesses and consumers know about you. We are all in a competitive market and none of us are the only ones out there. Determine what makes your company stand out…is it a service, product, support, price? 

Why an Advertising Agency?An advertising agency is good to have because they have the expertise with creative, Ad Buys, slogans, marketing options, etc. Remember that not everyone absorbs their media in the same way…Depending on the demographic that you are trying to reach there are certain platforms in order to reach them. This is also true with what type of business you have. This is why an advertising agency is important to weed through the best options in reaching out to your target audience. 

Digital Media-There are several platforms for digital media and it is growing rapidly. Think about it…how many people have a smart phone? Have you heard the term cutting the cord? With digital advertising you can be more specific on the type of audience you want to reach. You can be specific with the areas that you want to focus on…which reduces clutter and wasted impressions. Reach the right audience at the right time and place. A good campaign will run at least 3 months if not longer. 

Why Us? Here at Growth Media Group we are passionate about our clients. We will review your marketing campaigns and are not afraid to tell you the good and the bad. We have the experience with several categories of businesses and have developed successful marketing strategies. Our goal is to take care of clients no matter what the budget is and help your business grow!

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